Michael Kos 71 - MEMORY BOX

Michael Kos was born in Villach in 1943 and studied in Vienna from 1986 to 1991 at the University of Applied Arts with Peter Weibel. Today the artist lives and works in Vienna and Retz in Lower Austria.

In his œuvre Michael Kos brings together questions of art, politics, society, religion, economy and morality. His artistic intention is one of critical clarification. Aspects of social reality are recurrently analysed on the basis of a political subtext. The artistic will to create follows a conceptual sculptural practice. The plastic, the constructing and building, material and space are central categories of the work. The artistic actions are often concise, and the methods are unspectacular and simple. The statement does not require a complicated, but rather a concise form. The work in the Burgkapelle is also guided by this practice.

With the help of a minimalist vocabulary and linguistic signs, a sober, white, geometric space within the room is created, dedicated to the victims of the refugee tragedy that took place near Parndorf in Burgenland in August 2015. When 71 people from Syria, Iraq and Iran suffocated in agony in a blocked refrigerated truck on the way to Austria. Michael Kos creates an installation that not only recalls a still unresolved, urgently virulent problem, which in times of the pandemic has somewhat lost its socio-political focus, but which at the same time, as an artistic installation in the former baroque chapel – in the confrontation with the situational spatial conditions as well as the content of the Christian sacred space – becomes an object of diverse reflections.

Christine Wetzlinger-Grundnig

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