Elke Maier. SPACEd
17.06. - 29.08.2021

Specifically for the Castle Chapel, Elke Maier is designing a spatial installation, the concept, form, and realisation process of which are inseparably linked to the authenticity of the site in all its versatility and complexity, and through which she quite consciously intervenes into the profaned sacred space.

Using a simple material, finest white cotton yarn, a unique auratic interplay between light, space and matter is being created. Over the course of almost 300 hours of work, the artist is letting down hundreds of threads off the comice, tensioning them inside the room. With utmost precision, each of the tensioned threads is individually aligned and positioned inside the room until, following the ongoing realisation process, the work will eventually be finished.

With a minimum of material and weight, the artist succeeds in creating voluminous spatial landscapes which can be experienced as places of contemplative being. Her works are not ad hoc interventions but are developed from the beginning in a continuous dialogue with space and light. Through the great number of threads, an abundance of light reflexions is generated. This makes threads and space perceived as not being next to each other, but within each other.

Elke Maier: “I think of form not as being a boundary but a process, as the expression of traces of a movement (of light) in space.”

The material is also the medium in which light manifests itself. Oscillating between visibility and invisibility, the works by Elke Maier only appear once they reflect the light: as open and transparent spaces that have no border themselves, thus creating a moment of infinity within architectural limits.

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