24.09.2020 - 10.01.2021:

fokus sammlung 06. ABSTRAKT. Geometrie + Konzept
In the series 'fokus sammlung' [focus collection], which regularly presents themed exhibitions from the holdings of the Art Collection of the Federal Province of Carinthia/MMKK, after having already dealt with the major topics of painting – landscape, images of mankind, depictions of animals, and still life – in exhibitions and publications, the Museum of Modern Art Carinthia now devotes itself to the wide-ranging and heterogeneous field of abstract art. Non-objective art, the important innovation of the 20th century, can be differentiated into two possible forms: the geometric-constructive and the lyrical-gestural variety. In a first part, an exhibit subtitled 'Geometry and Concept' combines positions that relate to a systematic engagement with colour, form, surface, and space, are based on a logical-mathematical principle, and employ a minimalist visual vocabulary that is limited to elementary geometrical forms and a reduced colourfulness, which makes them echo the influential movements of constructivism and concrete art (of the first half of the 20th century) and the ensuing evolution of American colour field painting, minimal and optical art, as well as conceptual trends. Even though Austrian art has not brought forth a coherent and vigorous movement in the field of abstraction over the past century and Austrian artists could no longer be found heading the genre's development, eminent individual efforts have emerged in the art and exhibition scene from time to time, quite a few of which have also found their way into the collections of the MMKK. Today we can draw from this pool and bring together works by prominent artists in this exhibition, such as Karl Hikade, Hermann Josef Painitz, Heimo Zobernig, Josef Dabernig, Esther Stocker, Martina Steckholzer, Thomas Baumann, Luisa Kasalicky, Manuel Knapp, Roland Kollnitz, Suse Krawagna, Sabina Hörtner, Mar Vicente, and many more.

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