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The exhibition 'BILDER EINER LANDSCHAFT. WOBRAZE KRAJINY. WOBRAZY KRAJINY. PODOBE POKRAJINE.' is a joint project of the Foundation for the Sorbian People and the Sorbian Museum Bautzen (DE), the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška (SI), the Museum of Modern Art Carinthia in Klagenfurt (AT) and the Wendish Museum Cottbus (DE).

12 artists in all, four from each of the three participating countries, address in their works the intercultural and interdisciplinary development processes of landscape and culture.

The individual perception of landscape and the changes in it is closely related to the production of pictorial works of art, word images in literature and sound pictures in music. 'Landscapes become bearers of energy, their portrayals bearers of ideas', writes Karl Vouk, a Carinthian Slovene, in his introduction to the joint cultural project. Landscapes are to be seen as part of the collective memory. National and cultural identities are grounded in them.

The works selected for the exhibition invite to identify with these portrayals, to detect and, if necessary, to scrutinise processes of change. Always aware of the fact that the respective qualities of perception and assessment are subject to reference points that can change along with shifting perspectives. For the visitors, this creates an arc of suspense that uncovers specific problems on the one hand and at the same time underlines the transitions between landscape, culture and society.


Nika Autor (SLO), Iris Brankatschk (D), Jošt Franko (SLO), IRWIN (SLO), Michael Kruscha (D), Marko Lipuš (A), Zorka L-Weiss (A), Melitta Moschik (A), Marko Peljhan (SLO), Frauke Rahr (D), Hella Stoletzki (D), Karl Vouk (A)


The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive publication in German, Sorbian and Slovenian.

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